"PALMO" Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian company in the field of fire protection and security systems. It was founded 1990 in Pleven as a collective private company with main area of activity development and production of electronic devices. The company was a pioneer in fire detection industry during the transition to market economy. PALMO developed and put in production the very first Bulgarian one-PCB microprocessor fire detection central panel - FAS 24. This model proved to be very advantageous, and after few improvements and modifications, it has been still in production for almost ten years.

In1997 "PALMO" was re-registered as a joint-stock company, thus expanding its activity in other branches too and giving a rise to its market position. The product range now embraces fire and intruder alarm equipment and devices for control of blood alcohol content and car traffic control. The company enlarged its basis for development and production.

At the beginning of 1999 "TECHNO-PLUS", an Austrian-Bulgarian limited company for alarm and security systems joined "PALMO". After this consolidation, the engineering activity of "PALMO" embraces fire detection, intruder alarms, access control, video surveillance, and integrated security systems as well.

"PALMO" is a 100 %-owner of the company "PALMO Systems" Ltd. - for planning, installing and servicing of fire protection and security systems.

The production and management of "PALMO" is concentrated in Pleven. The company has an office in Sofia, and works on a long-term cooperation basis with many planning/installer companies countrywide.

Development and Manufacture

The company invests a lot of funds in development. Consequently, it produces state-of-the-art equipment.

The main lines of produced and engineered devices and systems are:
- Series of one-PCB conventional fire detection central units ranging within 2 and 24 zones. These units exhibit an exclusive universality and can work with all existing variety of conventional fire detectors. These units possess large capabilities for processing of fire alarm messages from detectors in order to avoid false alarms, and for programming their outputs. A modem-dialer can be built-in for creation and serving of voice and digital warning systems and manned remote centers;

- Modular expandable fire detection central unit PIS M with LCD, 12 to 96 zones, featuring logical processing of fire and fault messages, "Day/Night"- modes, extended cause/effect capabilities, universality, programmability, easily expandable. The unit is manufactured in both conventional (PIS M-K) and addressable (PIS M-A) versions. The base embodiment includes Central Processing Module, Control and Indication Module, 12-zone controller, Main/stand-by power supply. The central units perform all logical processing of the incoming messages, cause/effect links according to the programming and high-speed data exchange with PC. The expanding modules include 12-zone controller, One-loop (126 addresses) controller, Input/output controller, and 8-outputs freely programmable controller. PIS M central units feature large functional capabilities and allow to build-up all-sizes fire detection and fire alarm systems;

- Integrated security systems in hotels and similar buildings. The system functions are: fire detection, intruder/hold-up alarm, access control and energy control/saving. The systems have three levels: central controller with computer terminals; modules (fire detection module, floor control module, room control module); and end devices (fire detectors and call points, intruder detectors, panic-buttons, readers, etc.). The system provides for entering photo and text information about hotel guests and personnel, printing of identification cards, creating log documents and other forms;

- Devices for blood alcohol control - threshold and digital ones. They are used in the road police, Bulgarian State Railways, power production/distribution plants, and many transport and other industry enterprises for monitoring of car and locomotive drivers, dispatchers and similar responsible staff.

- Systems PEGASUS for measuring the level of fuels in pump stations and similar sites. PEGASUS uses up to 16 magnetostrictive probes, central terminal and user-friendly software.

- Systems NAX-121 for measuring the level of fuels in pump stations and similar sites. NAX-121 uses up to 8 magnetostrictive probes, central terminal with touch-screen and user-friendly software.

Foreign trade connections

For completion of its fire protection systems, "PALMO" has established direct trade connections with well known leading manufacturers of fire detectors, manual call points, sounder/strobes, etc., such as Bosch Security Systems from Germany, Angus Sprinklers and GW Sprinklers, KAC and Control Equipment from United Kingdom, Protectowire from USA, and other.

PALMO is an authorized distributor of BOSCH Security Systems a sister company of BOSCH Group. This company is a leading world manufacturer of security equipment and systems. Extremely up-to-date products in the distributor list of "PALMO" are MAGIC.SENS fire multi sensor detector range, LSN-system of fire detection central units, new range of invisible multi sensor fire detectors, extremely powerful modular fire detection central unit FPA 5000, all types of specialty fire detection systems, including air-sampling, pneumatic, thermo cable, optical beam.

All fire detection products manufactured and imported by PALMO are approved for their use in Bulgaria. The imported products are certified under national and European standards such as BS, DIN, UL and EN 54. The manufacturers of those products are holders of ISO 9001 certificates for quality systems.

Engineering activity

Since its foundation, "PALMO" has been working both independently and together with other engineering partnering companies supplying them with completed sets of equipment - central units and periphery devices. Fire detection and alarm systems made with equipment produced and/or supplied by "PALMO" work on hundreds of sites in Bulgaria, CIS, and Macedonia. "PALMO" assists with its full capabilities for specifying the needs of fire detection equipment and reacts flexibly to the client requirements, either it is an installer company or an end client/user.

For its engineering activity PALMO established the company PALMO Systems Ltd., which works in many regions countrywide.

During the last years, "PALMO" Ltd. and PALMO Systems Ltd. had planned and/or built a number of conventional, addressable and analogue addressable fire detection, security and integrated systems at large sites. These include hotels "Pamporovo" (Rodopi mountains), "Lilia" and "Berlin 1, 2, 3", Arabella, Marina (Golden Sands Resort), the reconstruction in 2000 of Sofia Airport, International Exhibition Center Bulgarreclama Sofia, Ministry of Internal Affairs Sofia, about 20 regional offices of Health Assurance Cash of Bulgaria, fuel products stores of the Ministry of Defense, Bulgarian Telecom sites in Sofia and countrywide, Music and Drama Theater in Veliko Tarnovo, Devnya Cement Plant, production and store premises of "Bulgartabak" tobacco plants countrywide, The Museum of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sofia, the Anti-mafiosi and Anti- terrorist troops headquarter bases and other sites of this Ministry in Sofia, the new canteen of National Military Pilot school near Pleven, Autotechnika-VW Trade and technical Center in Pleven, many other industry, trade and public sites.

PALMO Systems develops and expands its activity in installing of automatic sprinkler and gaseous extinguishing systems. The installations include office, store and production sites, such as: the storey of Pfizers Bulgarian Office in Datex Business center in Sofia, large storehouse in Vegetable and Fruit wholesale market in Sofia, Plant for sandwich construction panels in Pleven, Furniture House AIKO in Sofia, Large storehouse of Sopharma Pharmaceuticals and other.

Having gained its experience for long years, and applying the innovations of leading foreign companies, "PALMO" is able to build complex fire protection and security systems in large and important sites.